Gentle Dental Care With Needle Free Injection

gentle dental care

Gentle dental care is not a misnomer anymore, thanks to needle free injection where the administration of an appropriate local anaesthetic is performed via the needleless injector. Of course, not every dental clinic in Melbourne offers needleless dental services so it is important to ask the staff about said services before signing for an appointment. Keep in mind that just because the sign at the door says gentle dental services does not necessarily mean painless dental services or needleless dental services.

Welcome Development

Dentists can actually administer local anaesthetic on the treatment area via injection sans the dreaded syringe-and-needle combination! Again, true gentle dental care is possible via the needleless injector with the most notable brand being Injex.

This is one of the most welcome developments in medical technology especially for dentists who have to deal with patients’ fear of needles in particular and injections in general. Such fears make for inconveniences such as cancelled appointments or prolonged pre-operation hassles.

Patients appreciate the technology too. Just imagine this scenario: You come in to your dental appointment with anxious thoughts about the sight of the syringe with anaesthetic in it being prepared and then feeling the acute pain as the needle punctures your gums.

Then, your dentist says that, “Here at our clinic, we apply gentle dental care by using this needle free injection device. So just sit back, relax and enjoy our service” – and you actually just sit back relax, and let the dentist do his work!

Fine Stream

What is it exactly? The needleless injector delivers medication such as local anaesthetics in a fine stream under the skin – subcutaneously, as healthcare experts say it – without using a needle. Instead of letting the medication pass through the needle, it is delivered via a very short burst of high-pressure energy.

By now, you will have several questions so let’s answer a few of these queries. Yes, you will feel little to no discomfort when the medication is administered.

Yes, the medication will take effect in a similar way as when it has been delivered by conventional injection. You will feel no pain when your teeth are pulled, for example, using such a gentle dental care method.

But that’s not all there is to the needleless injector. It is also the more effective, more hygienic and safer alternative to the delivery of dental medication because there is no risk of needles being reused and, thus, spreading bacteria, pathogens and infections. By the way, this drug delivery system has been licensed and tested since September 1999 so it is not as novel as it seems. What more can you ask for?

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