Healthysmiles Dental Care – Needle Free Dentist

Here at the Healthysmiles dental care clinic, we pride ourselves on true gentle dental care. We all know the importance of making our patients feel at ease while in the clinic especially as dental appointments can be filled with anxiety (i.e., fear of needles).

But our courteous, competent and capable staff members are not all there is to our gentle dental care products and services. We also pride ourselves on the availability of sedation dentistry and needleless dentistry services, both of which are designed to address the common fear of needles among patients. Let’s take a close look at these services at the Healthysmiles dental care clinic.6607985_web

Sedation Dentistry

In traditional dentistry, the patient is fully awake when the procedure is underway. The patient can then become nervous, fidgety and anxious before, during and after the operation especially when needles are used. The result: You will more likely stop coming in for your dental appointments because of your fears.

And then comes along sedation dentistry. Yes, needles are still used but you will not know it because you have been put partly or completely to sleep! When you have been sedated, your dentist will then proceed with the rest of the procedure and you will be awaken after it is finished. If that’s not the Healthysmiles dental care the gentle way, then nothing is.

Your doctor will choose from several methods of sedation depending on your preference and procedure:

• General anaesthesia

• Intravenous sedation

• Nitrous oxide administration

• Oral sedation like benzodiazepines and diazepam

Your dentist will determine the best method of sedation in your case. Factors like your age, physical condition (i.e., pregnancy) and preferences as well as the specific procedure will be taken into account.

Needleless Injections

If you are looking for a needle free dentist, then you have come to the right place. We have one of the truest needleless injection technologies in Australia – the needleless injector. Our patients at the Healthysmiles dental care clinic especially those who have moderate to severe fear of injections in general and needles in particular have raved about the technology because it allowed them to conquer their fears of visiting the dentist.

What is it? Basically, the needleless injector delivers medication such as local anaesthesia via a very short yet very high pressure of energy. The medication is delivered in a fine stream under the skin.

The best thing about being under the care of our needle free dentist using the needleless injector – you will not feel acute pain as the medication is being delivered to your system. The worst pain you will feel is a slight discomfort akin to a small rubber band lightly snapping against your skin.

Dental care is important to ensure long lasting healthy teeth. With the introduction of less painful methods to treat your teeth, book an appointment today.


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