Healthysmiles Dental Clinic – Teeth Whitening Melbourne Professional

Teeth Whitening 1 beforeTeeth Whitening 1 after

Healthysmiles Dental Clinic offers its clients in-office whitening services – truly, one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services. This is because in-office bleaching provides for dramatic results even after the first treatment although it must said that several sessions are necessary to achieve the desired level of whiteness in the teeth. You will agree, too, when you see your own results.

Products Used

Bleaching gel is used in the teeth whitening Melbourne professional process with the most popular brand being Zoom. These bleaching products are usually used in combination with heat, laser and/or a special light for best results. In contrast, at-home teeth whitening treatments like strips and toothpaste do not require special equipment but the results are not as impressive as in-office whitening.

Each session of teeth whitening at the Healthysmiles Dental Clinic lasts for 30 minutes at least. Keep in mind that there is no-size-fits-all in-office bleaching treatment plan because each individual’s case is unique.

Your dentist will consider several factors like the cause of the yellowish tint on the teeth, the level of yellowness, and other underlying dental issues affecting the bleaching process. You must then discuss your options with your dentist before the teeth whitening Melbourne professional process begins.

Duration of Effects

Keep in mind, too, that the duration of the effects of the teeth whitening process will largely depend on your ability to comply with your dentist’s instructions. You should also remember that the effects of the teeth whitening process are temporary.

On one hand, if you avoid eating foods and drinking beverages that cause staining on your teeth, you will enjoy whiter teeth for at least a year before touch-ups are necessary. On the other hand, if you expose your teeth to stain-causing foods and beverages like tea, soda and tobacco, then your whiter teeth will become yellowish in just a month.teeth whitening zoom

The bottom line: The qualified dentists of Healthysmiles Dental Clinic will perform professional in-office teeth whitening services with great results but it is up to their patients – you, for example – to take good care of their teeth on a daily basis. You will be instructed to brush and floss your teeth after every meal, avoid eating foods and beverages that can cause stains, and use the right dental products, among others.

Benefits for You

The in-office teeth whitening service provided by Healthysmiles Dental Clinic has several obvious benefits in comparison with at-home treatments including:

• Stronger bleaching agent, thus, better teeth whitening results. In-office products have 15%-43% hydrogen peroxide concentrations in comparison to the 10%-22% concentrations in at-home products.

• Customized mouthpiece trays in in-office treatments mean maximum contact between the teeth and the bleaching agent while minimising the gel’s contact with the gums. Over-the-counter mouthpiece trays are usually ill-fitting, thus, increasing the risks for side effects like gum irritation.

• Additional protective measures are provided by the dentist. Said measures include rubber shields to protect the oral cavities and gums from the bleaching agent and topical gels to protect the gums, too.

Plus, your dentist at the Healthysmiles Dental Clinic will be able to supervise the entire teeth whitening process, thus, maximising the results and minimising the risks.


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