Be Proactive and Choose an Emergency Dental Clinic Before You Need One

Dental emergencies require easy, fast and convenient access to an emergency dental clinic just as medical emergencies require easy, fast and convenient access to an emergency room. Otherwise, the affected individual – you and your family members, for example –will suffer from the extreme pain brought by several types of dental emergencies.

The best solution: Choose the best emergency dentist Melbourne has in town before you actually require their services. Keep in mind that being proactive about all matters related to your health will ultimately work to your benefit!

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Before we discuss the steps in choosing the best emergency dental clinic in the Melbourne area, let’s first discuss the types of dental emergencies. It must be emphasised that an emergency dentist Melbourne will also work based on the triage principle –whenever you call the dental clinic, either the staff or the dentist will ascertain the nature and extent of the issue so as to implement an effective diagnosis and treatment protocol.

The main purpose of triage in dental clinics is to ensure that, indeed, patients who require the most immediate care are provided with the fastest attention even when other patients have prior appointments. This will then result in greater productivity and lesser stress for everybody involved.

What exactly are the situations that require making an appointment with the best emergency dental clinic in Melbourne?

• Toothaches
• Gum infections
• Chipped or broken teeth
• Knocked-out tooth
• Extruded tooth
• Objects caught between the teeth that cannot be gently removed with dental floss (Never use pins, needles and other sharp objects to remove the object; only an emergency dentist Melbourne should be allowed to remove it)
• Lost filling
• Lost crown
• Broken braces and wires
• Loose bands and brackets
• Abscess
• Soft tissue injuries resulting in bleeding (i.e., tongue, gums, lips and cheeks)

What Are the Benefits of Having an Emergency Dentist on Speed Dial?

Of course, there are several first-aid methods for these situations but these are only stop-gap measures intended to control the bleeding, prevent a worsening of the issue, and preserve the tooth, among other purposes. A visit to the best emergency dental clinic is still a must! Otherwise, you can suffer from uncontrollable bleeding, bacterial infections, and lost teeth, among other consequences of inaction on dental emergencies.

Indeed, your foresight in adding the number of an emergency dentist on your speed dial will pay off at one time or another. Keep in mind that dental emergencies can strike at any hour of the day and night, said emergencies of which may not be alleviated by taking over-the-counter painkillers.

Think of it: You are suffering from the extreme pain of a toothache that over-the-counter painkillers cannot dull, much less remove, during the wee hours of the night. If you do not have an emergency dentist on your speed dial, you will have to wait until office hours at 9 A.M. before you can seek relief from your symptoms. If you do have a dentist with an emergency dental clinic on your speed dial, you can consult over the phone for the appropriate measures to take with the assumption that, indeed, your dentist allows for such emergency calls.

What Are the Steps in Choosing an Emergency Dentist?

• Choosing the best emergency dentist is similar to choosing the best doctor and dentist for yourself and your family. Here are our tips:
• Ask your family and friends for recommendations for the best emergency dental clinic in the city.
• Visit the dental clinic to assess the friendliness of their front office staff, the competence of the dental hygienists and dentists; and the cleanliness of its environment as well as the modern equipment used.
• Ask about the normal office hours as well as the arrangements in case of dental emergencies. You want a dental clinic that can accommodate your urgent questions about these emergencies even beyond the office hours; the best clinics usually have hotlines for this purpose.
• Ask about the insurance plans and pricings to determine if these aspects are in your favour.

In the end, your careful considerations in choosing the best emergency dental clinic for your needs will pay off in the future.


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