Is Dental Sedation for You?

For those who fear going to the dentist or those who deal with anxiety each time they enter the dentist’s office, sedation dentistry is an excellent option. Conscious Sedation dentistry in Melbourne  helps to give patients a comfortable, relaxing experience when they undergo dental procedures. If you’re considering sedation dentistry, you may be wondering how it works and whether dental sedation is the right choice for your needs.

Here is a closer look at dental sedation, the benefits it offers and a look at who can benefit from seeing a sedation dentist.


Sedation Dentistry – What is It?

Sedation uses sedative medications to a patient achieve a calm, relaxed state. Various sedative medications are available and used for sedation dentistry, including nitrous oxide, anti-anxiety medications, tranquilizers and depressants. These medications may be delivered in several ways, including orally, through inhalation or via IV.

The most common type of sedation dentistry practiced today is oral sedation, which is commonly used by sedation dentists in many places around the world. The benefit of oral sedation is that no needles are used and the sedation can be easily administered. In most cases, oral sedation provides patients with an experience that they barely remember at all. While patients are still conscious during this type of sedation so they can cooperate with the sedation dentist, they rarely remember the procedure.

Some sedation forms, including nitrous oxide gas, can actually raise a patient’s threshold for pain as well, which benefits patients. However, even when sedation dentistry is practiced, most dentists will still use local anaesthetics to ensure that patients experience little pain during the procedure.

IV sedation is another option you can talk to your sedation dentist about if you are considering sedation dentistry. Although oral sedation is more popular, IV sedation is an effective, safe option that works well for some patients.

Of course, no matter what type of sedation is used, it is essential that you have an experienced, well-trained professional providing you with the sedation. You will also need to have someone on hand to drive you to and from the dental procedure, since you should not be driving after you have been given sedatives.

Sedation Dentistry – What are the Benefits?

Heading to a sedation dentist offers many excellent benefits to dental patients. One huge benefit of undergoing sedation when you have a dental procedure done is that sedation makes your procedure seem very short, even if the procedure actually took hours to complete. This makes sedation dentistry an excellent option for patients undergoing extensive, long dental procedures. When sedated, patients can usually handle longer procedures, which can help to reduce the number of visits needed to complete the treatment.


Another benefit of sedation dentistry is that it helps to treat patients that deal with anxiety when they head to the dentist’s office. Instead of neglecting routine care, being sedated allows patients to get the care they need without dealing with the fear or anxiety often felt in the office. If sedation dentistry keeps you going to the dentist’s office, you’ll be more likely to avoid any serious oral health problems in the future.

Who Should Consider Sedation Dentistry?

Is sedation dentistry the right choice for you? Sedation dentistry works well for patients that fear the dentist’s office due to negative experiences in the past. It is also wonderful for those who get anxiety when they head to the dentist’s office. Sedation dentistry also works well for those who need a significant amount of work done quickly, those who have sensitive teeth and those who do not respond well to local anaesthetics.


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