Children’s Dentistry

Any child’s overall health is affected by a child’s oral health. For this reason, it’s essential that parents work to ensure that children begin building good dental habits while they are young. It is also important that you get your child to a children’s dentist while they are young, ensuring that they get the routine dental care that they need.

childrens dentistry

Unfortunately, since parents know that children lose their baby teeth, they often think that dental care isn’t essential until the permanent teeth grow in. However, children need dental care even before they lose their baby teeth, so regular appointments with a children’s dentist should be a priority.

Here is a closer look at children’s dentistry in Melbourne , special issues that are associated with children’s teeth and the excellent care we offer as a top dentist for children in the Melbourne area.

Children’s Teeth and Their Unique Issues

Children need to see a children’s dentist regularly because their teeth have unique issues that need to be addressed. Visiting a dentist for children can ensure your child gets regularly cleanings and cavities can be repaired if they occur before they develop into a more serious problem. Baby bottle dental decay is another unique issue that can occur in young children and a children’s dentist can help deal with these issues before they grow worse. A quality children’s dentist can also teach parents about proper dental hygiene for children and provide nutrition tips that can help prevent further dental problems.

As children grow older, a children’s dentist can look for any problems in tooth and jaw formation that may turn into bigger problems in the future. Visiting a dentist for children regularly helps get your child on the right track so he or she enjoys good oral health for life.

Benefits of a Children’s Dentist

Visiting a special children’s dentist is important because a dentist for children specializes in offering the unique care that children need. Children have a different mouth structure and they have different dental needs as well, so it is important to see a dentist that specialises in caring for these young patients.

Not only does a children’s dentist specialise in dealing with problems unique to a child’s oral health, but they are also trained in child psychology, learning important techniques to keep children as comfortable as possible in the dentist’s office. An experienced, well-trained children’s dentist will ensure that your child gets the specialised care that they need to ensure they enjoy healthy teeth and gums now and in the future.

As the top dentist for children in the Melbourne area, we offer excellent dental care for children of all ages. We ensure that children have regular examinations to look for cavities and other problems that can occur in children. We also have a program that encourages children to keep up with good dental hygiene practices, ensuring they take good care of their teeth.


At Healthy Smiles, we work hard to make sure that kids are comfortable and relaxed in our office. We offer toys and activities in the waiting room for kids. When kids have dental procedures done, our children’s dentists offer DVDs for kids to watch or music that they can listen to, keeping them relaxed during examinations and treatment. For children that deal with anxiety or fear in the office, we can even discuss sedation dentistry options to ensure your child gets the care they need from a qualified children’s dentist.


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